Greening the City, Connecting Communities, Curitiba 2017

Curitiba’s participation in the 2017 Ecocity World Summit

(An initial report. Photos here. Audio report in English here, Portuguese here. Vid of opening night here)

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Recrie Sua Cidade, Fórum na rua! event in Praça de bolso do ciclista. Rua São Francisco
“Recreate Your City, Street Forum” at the Cyclists Square, San Francisco Street, Curitiba.


Ecocity Curitiba was a 5-day festival that happened in July 2017 in Curitiba city, a parallel event to the World Ecocity Summit in Melbourne, Australia. It was an experimental, positive provocation as to how Global Forums can become multinodal with greatly increased levels of participation, leading to greater and quicker urban transformation with the construction of an expanded global Ecocity network. The main objective in Curitiba was to Fix The City; to identify solutions to today’s urban problems and construct pathways for necessary change in the city, through bottom-up, community led solutions. Secondary objectives were to examine and support local solutions, develop tools to identify who is currently doing what and where in the city, improve interconnection between actors, facilitate greater public participation, investigate the physical city more deeply, push the limits of the use of technology and dialogue, build and share visions of what sustainable futures might look like, explore how new jobs in an ecological economy can be created, use free social community events in public spaces as tools for change, including picnics. In short, to change the culture surrounding the idea of what an Ecocity is, in Curitiba, through theory and practice in an open, attractive, inclusive, accessible and social way. Nearly 40 different groups participated to varying degrees. Curitiba invited other world cities to participate in a similar manner, Santiago in Chile organised a similar event. There is no reason why every world city should not be able to get organised and participate for the next World Ecocity Summit, in 2019 in Vancouver, Canada, from the mayors offices to the smallest of local groups, all working to the same goal. This is the dream, which the Curitiba group is now developing tools to facilitate, as well as continuing to strengthen the connections between the local groups of last week, through cultural events until then. Curitiba is not an Ecocity today, but it is opening the pathway to be so soon.

Curitiba’s experiment

The Curitiba Ecocity festival lasted 5 days, from Wednesday the 12th of July till Sunday the 16th. We had 14 events and 160 participants and more than 30 different groups helped co create or participate in the programme. Many new connections were made, new perspectives shared, friendships made, plenty to build on. So, although not a great big event, the organizers are happy to see it as a success to lead to further urban transformation in the near future.

Daily Themes:

Day 1: Technology and Economy
Day 2: Nature and Food
Day 3: Community and Change
Day 4: Culture and Public Spaces
Day 5: Water and Mobility

Ideas raised during the week:

  1. Waste
  2. Security
  3. Community
  4. Green areas
  5. Food
  6. Energy
  7. Mobility
  8. Citizenship
  9. Consume
  10. Water
  11. Economy, including jobs
  12. Technology
  13. Public spaces

Participating groups:

A process to discover, a process to connect. A catalyst for collective change. Participating groups in Curitiba Ecocity Curitiba festival, to varying degrees:

group participating in ecocity 2017

  1. 350 / Fundação Cooperlivre Arayara / No Fracking Brazil
  2. ASCESME – Associação dos Comerciantes Estabelecidos do Mercado Municipal de Curitiba (Municipal Food Market Curitiba, traders association)
  3. Barbara Becker Arquitetura
  4. Bicicletaria Cultural
  5. BiciRio (Bike ride along river group)
  6. Casa da Videira (Non-profit organization, urban agriculture)
  7. Cicloiguacu – Cycling activist group
  8. Code for Curitiba (sort?)
  9. Curitiba Lixo Zero (Zero waste Curitiba – collective from civil society)
  10. Curitiba 2035 (20 year vision plan for city, by mayors office and civil society groups: Comunitas, Sistema FIEP, Instituto Arapyaú)
  11. Dudders Beer and Cake (supported the outdoor film night­)
  12. Eco neighbourhood project, Sao Paulo
  13. Ecocity Builders
  14. Ecocity group Curitiba
  15. Ecomanda Turismo Ambiental (Private company)
  16. Escritorio Verde (The Green Office – UTFPR, university – academic )
  17. Garibaldis e Sacis (Carnaval Block) + Bloco Burlesco Cachorras
  18. Gisele, Photographer
  19. Goura vereador, GT meio ambiente (City councillor environment group)
  20. Horta Comunitária de calçada Cristo Rei (Cristo Rei footpath Community Garden)
  21. Isso não é um Vazio Urbano (architectural action group – This is not an Urban Vacant space))
  22. IEH – Instituto Energetica Humana (pedalled powered juice machine)
  23. Jardim na Rua Conselheiro Carrao (Street garden with Banana trees)
  24. Jupter (Private company)
  25. Labarintho books, Luca, Labirinto pedagogy space
  26. MUSA (Movimento Unificada Socio-Ambiental)
  27. Multiplica – cultivando a sabedoria da terra (NGO) (Multiply – cultivating the wisdom of the earth)
  28. Pachamama ONG (Mother Earth NGO)
  29. Parque Gomm (Community struggle against road construction in public space)
  30. Praça Ciclista – co created public space in centre
  31. Quintana – Eco gastronomia Cultural – Health food restaurant in Curitiba, Brazil
  32. Rosangela Aruja – Universidade Positivo design
  33. Sara Bonfim, Film maker: Não só sereias ou faunos (not only sirens and fauns), Valentinna filmes
  34. Sociedade Global (ONG)
  35. Projecto RIos – JPD (Project from Sociedade Global)
  36. Subtropikal (Curitiba festival about Urban Creativity)
  37. Various food stalls in municipal market, organic and conventional
  38. UTFPR – Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná (Federal Technical University of Parana)
  39. *** (Japenese company based in Brazil, wish their name withheld)

Obrigadão Galera


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