An Ecobarrio for Curitiba?

An Ecobarrio for Curitiba?
– The river basin of the Pilarzinho river, one of the micro basins of the Rio Belem..
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Proposal for an econeighbourhood in Curitiba, micro basin of Rio Pilarzinho forms geographical boundary
river network copy 2
Proposal for an econeighbourhood in Curitiba, micro basin of Rio Pilarzinho forms geographical boundary – Location with municipality
Nearly a year to the day (December 16th 2017) after the above action (Horta Cristo Rei) another gardening direct action happened with Gomm activists: Horta do Jacu (The Jacu’s garden, a type of hen), publicly owned land that had been derelict for over 15 years in the Bom Retiro (Good retirement) neighbourhood, which has a tributary of the Belem river (IMAGE 45) running through it (see earlier map of city, Belem river basin and micro basins on page 103) called Rio Pilarzinho (River of the little pillar). The occupation happened after Gomm activists who lived in the area talked with more neighbours about carrying out such an action, one resident knew this area of land was in public ownership. It had been without a gate for many years, people dumped rubbish inside and it had become an area for drug use in recent years. On 16th December, without asking the council for permission, activists entered the land, cleaned up the rubbish and cut down high grass to begin their community garden. 2 months later and it has developed food beds designed with agro ecology principles, mixed creole seeds, a compost system which is being used by many local neighbours, a large open area which serves as a public or kids play area, with a big old tree in the middle, a stage, an area for fires and a hill, which the activists call Jacu Pichu (a play on Machu Pichu). In February there was a civic music event, where over 100 cyclists visited 4 points in the city to watch live music, the garden was the last point and there was a terrific atmosphere. There has been no official dialogue with the council, but a core group has formed and is quickly developing projects. The fact that the river goes through the site is very interesting and a future biophelic urban project could be developed here, connecting walking routes along the sections of the PIlarzinho river which are still open. There have also been initial discussions about how the garden could act as a catalyst for an ecobairro (eco neighbourhood) plan for the river basin of the pilarzinho, a size of about 5km2 (outline in pink in map above). Within this area are 2 very special woods the Bosque Alamão (German Woods) and Bosque Gutierrez, which has a natural water fountain from an underground reservoir, with very pure and clean drinking water. People come from around the city to fill water bottles here. In Gutierrez woods there is also a memorial to Chico Mendes, the famous Brazilian environmental activist who fought and died defending the Amazon rainforest in 1988. Also in the park is a major NGO space, the Brazilian headquarters of the 350 movement, which many groups use. Also in this possible eco neighbourhood is the currently disputed battle for a new park; Parque Bom Retiro.
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