Ecocity World Summit 2017 – Invitation to co-create an Ecocity Node in your City

Hello friends, greetings from Curitiba, Brazil.

This is an invite to participate in an exciting and very important event in July. Whichever corner of the world you are, we hope you can connect and participate.

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The “Ecocity World Summit 2017” is happening in Melbourne, Australia from Wednesday the 12 till Friday the 14 of July 2017. Not everybody can get to Australia or wants to travel such distances, so we have been talking here in Curitiba (location of the 2000 world summit and which “The Ecologist” called “the Greenest city on Earth” 3 years ago) about doing two things:

  • We are setting up a local event here during this time to discuss what Curitiba as an ecocity might mean, to invite all people working in this area and the public to come together, to share ideas and build on existing or new projects to make it happen.
  • We are encouraging friends in other cities to do likewise; set up local nodes

We hope to broadcast some live streams of the talks happening in Australia and if possible facilitate some sort of short live connection with the organisers there, despite the 13 hour time difference. We hope to facilitate some discussions here locally and, if possible, create a hackathon like event on the weekend (14-16) to build ecocity solutions. There already exists a strong relationship between different civic actors in the city and the city council, the Code For Curitiba hackers have already done civic hackathons like this to build urban solutions to current problems, the last being: Hackathon da Prefeitura de Curitiba.

The original call out for such an action happened in December and initial discussions were begun in Curitiba, Brazil – Barcelona, Spain – Dublin, Ireland, along with initial connection established with the organisers of the Melbourne event. This week we take it to the next level, with the original callouts in the public realm happening on Facebook and LinkedIn. Now we are sending the formal email request for participation. Tonight we will make the official “pitch” of this project at the Code hacknight at Jupter. To understand more about ecocities, we recomend you see the great work done over the years by Ecocity Builers and their International Ecocity Conference Series

If you are based in Curitiba and interested in collaborating, send us an email and join us some Wednesday night in Jupter 19-22h. If you are based outside and wish to set up a similar event or space, let us know, so we can attempt to build up the global network.

Thank you for your time