Fix The City

This is a process to FIX THE CITY.. not just Curitiba, but every city in the world. All cities can become ecocities, we’re here to assist in that process.

The #Ecocity 2017 International Forum will happen in Melbourne, Australia in July 2017. We are setting up things in Curitiba to participate and to further take steps to change our city into an ecocity.

We are in contact with friends from cities all over the world and encouraging them to do likewise, we are supporting and facilitating connections betwen the nodes, building the network, laying base work to build upon in future years.

1a0cd3b158011ca8b29ee314d7055d57_download-this-image-as-map-marker-clipart_372-594   Blue node = The MotherShip
google-maps-marker-for-residencelamontagne-hi   Green node = Active
map-marker-hi   Orange node = In Discussion

If your not on the map and wish to be, send us an email.